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Tape Data Storage – Driving Trend in Data Backups
Over 50 years back, Tape medium was introduced in the computing circles as a data storage medium. Back then 1 Megabyte was considered to be the highest capacity available. Till, 80’s data storage reached the milestone of 200 MB capacity. In mid of 90’s, the first 1GB cartridge arrived and then data storage saw no limits. Just in a decade, Terabytes are being crossed. All these amazing Tape Storage innovations and advancements have given Tape a reliable and secure placing in the data storage media Ways To Backup Your Data
Tape Storage Features
Due to high availability, fast data access and storage rates, data reliability, Tape is now considered as the fundamental media for data Backups. Since, data backup is of vital importance to large and small businesses. With the growing data, consistent and regular data backups to help in times of sudden disaster is equally needed, hence Tape plays its role perfectly.

Tape storage is also an economical and cost effective way to archive the corporate data. As for rapid transactional data, chances of failure are more, hence more rapid data recovery till the failure point is needed. For such applications, tape storage media is attached to the disks to replicate data from disk to the tape, thus freeing the disk space.

Data Backups & Tape Storage

Tape is considered to be the sole trend in data backup due to its transportability feature. It is mobile and can be easily transferred from one location to other. As Remote data backups are getting the high wave in the corporate world, tape is again considered to be the ideal medium for off-site storage, hence helping in disaster recovery.

The Tape Storage medium can be used to create and maintain data backups on a wide range of computing machines from single computer to enterprise level networking environment. Using SCSI, NAS, SAN or other interfaces tapes can be connected to the disk. Today’s tape medium also encompasses the data stream multiplexing storage to backup multiple terabytes of data.

In corporate world, tape libraries are getting an added place. All the data is archived using tape storage. Tapes can be partitioned logically to appear as more than one separate tape library. The Tape Server box has got built in libraries,, as per the requirements the library access is provided to different computers in the network. The scalability, fast access and reliability is achieved using tape libraries, yet the data archiving and data mirroring is done successfully.

With the advancements we are seeing in tape Technology today, it can be prophesized that continuous evolution in Tape technology would continue. But still with the growing need of performance, high reliability and stability, Tape Storage manufacturers would have to look up to new challenges.

Tape Drive damaged? Data Loss feared? Data Corruption occurred?
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Tape Recovery Process

If your tape drives are suffering from any of the above mentioned damages or disasters, we’ll assess the nature and extent of the damage and will send you are Free Evaluation Cost. You can then take the recovery decision with us.

Tape Data Recovery Tip:

Make sure that the tapes are Write-Protected, as during backup creation, it may get overwritten. Hence causing problems afterwards.

Tape Drive damaged? Data Loss feared? Data Corruption occurred?
Contact us for Full and Secure Data Recovery Services!