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Tape Media News & Innovations
Tape media is becoming the high demand choice for data backups and data storage. Tape technology is the emerging and sustainable solution to all storage problems. From high performance enterprise class to entry level business, all corporate data is depending highly on this Tape Technology.

All the manufacturers are pulling their forces to generate new innovate and extreme solutions to the Tape Devices. Tape media is generally popular for Data Backups, essential for data recovery.

Though, contenders still challenge the performance and reliability of tape storage over hard disks; but both the media fulfill different purposes and problems related to data storage.

Some of such latest developments in the world of Tape media are highlighted here.

Sony Announces Tape’s New Generation Format

Sony Electronics has announced the 5th generation of its Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) tape format. In this new tape format, the capacity is doubled than the previous generation. This enhancement has gone up to 400 GB. The backward compatibility feature is also added in AIT tape format.

AIT is getting famous for the smallest tape technology with 400 GB capacity offering. This 3.5 inch drive also has 24 Maps transference rate. It is read/write backward compatible with the AIT-3, AIT-3x, AIT-4 generations. The ability of storage capacity has already crossed the 1 terabyte milestone with 225 GB per Hour performance.
Other salient features include ultra low power, Dynamic tracking, Magnetic resistive head, WROM recording and many others.
Sun Unveils Next Generation of Virtual Storage Manager System
Sun has launched the New Virtual Tape Solutions Support. This Manager system is simplified and easy to use for data management and data storage issues. The Tape drive cartridge capacity in this manager support system is also increased to 100 percent.
This manager is named as Sun StorageTek Virtual storage Manager (VSM) system, with VSM system 4e and VSM system 5 available as next generation Tape Storage Managers.

Sun StorageTek VSM is designed for medium to large mainframe environments, with double the capacity and performance than the previous VSM generation TAPE storage systems. The VSM is a cost effective, high performance delivery, entry level tape visualization capability system.

IBM Introduces New Standard for Tape Storage
IBM researchers have announced that they have demonstrated a world record in data density on linear magnetic tape. A tape density of 6.67 billion bits per square inch that is 15 times more than the data density of today's most popular industry standard magnetic tape products was achieved by a team at IBM's Research Center. Several new data-recording technologies as Next Generation Dual-Coat magnetic Tape with high density storage capability were also developed.
Tape media is the optimum choice for Data Backups; since it facilitates the archiving and library facilities more efficiently and effectively for data storage