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Tape Recovery Help

Valuable help for Tape drives

Since tape drives are used for keeping back-ups of the valuable data so any harm to them can wreck every thing. The time has come for every body to take some measures regarding tape drive protection to minimize the devastation caused by unpredictable data loss activity.

  • While buying a tape drive always choose the tape drive with large storage capacity, so that all of your useful data might stay under one roof for the sake of integration.
  • Always keep your tape disks write protected to guard against virus activity.
  • Make a habit of reading back-up logs on the daily basis to look for some abnormal activity so that data can remain protected.
  • Try keeping more copies of your important data to handle the situation in case of data loss.
  • If water or any other liquid gets dropped on the tape drive then be sure to wipe off immediately and get the help of a data recovery expert for the retrieval of data.