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Tape Data Recovery Tips
Tape Media is considered to be a physically robust media. But these are most prone to the disasters for example fire, water, magnetic power, tearing and many others. These create a panic among the business managers, as the data on these tapes usually contains Corporate Data backups.

The first advice is to seek professional and expert data Recovery Specialists for urgent guidance. In the meanwhile, certain tips can prove to be handy, before the disaster strikes or after it. Such Tape drive data recovery Tips are mentioned here:

  • Write Protect the Tape drives: During the backup routine make sure that the tape drives are Write protected. It’s better to test them every time, as for critical data over writing can cause problems.

  • Tape Libraries: With partitioning tapes can be turned into data storage or data archiving libraries. But Its better to leave some free space in the tape to protect file over writing. Tape failures can also occur.

  • Use More than One Tape: More tapes should be used for data backup to avoid system crash.

  • Tape Copies: Its better to maintain data backups on more than one tape to avoid data loss or tape disaster.

  • Stay abreast of Tape Technology: It’s a common observation that people in corporate world think that tape is a story of past and it is obsolete now. But this is definitely not the case.

Hardware is prone to disaster but the preparation done to avoid the disaster is more fundamental. Difference between Crisis and inconvenience appears to be fine but the little inconvenience you will experience today can prevent you from bigger data crises tomorrow. But in case of disaster you need data recovery services. Click here…